Tuesday, December 11, 2018
Welcome to the Caledon FC Official World Cup 2010 pool site. You can check the results of the world cup here and check you progress in our pool. Feel free to browse through the main Caledon FC website via our navigation bar.

Rules and Regulations

Cost per entry is $20, which must be paid in advance (by June 8th 2010).
There are 32 teams entered in the 2010 World Cup to beheld in South Africa, divided into 8 groups of 4 (Groups A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H). All Pool Players (PPs) should pick the top two finishers in each group. These 16 teams advance to the 2nd Round. PPs then select the winners of the round of 16 games, the Quarter-Finals, Semi-Finals and Final. Make sure that you follow the Group chart as some teams cannot play each other until the Finals. Specifically, Groups A, B, C and D are in one half of the draw, and Groups E, F, G and H are in the other half.
Included is a bonus prize for the Round Robin stage
Points are awarded as follows:
  • In the Round Robin 1 point is awarded for correct game outcome.
  • Selection is made by circling
    Circle both teams in a fixture to indicate a draw (Round Robin phase only)
    Tie-Breaker: Total Goals scored in Round Robin phase. Must be completed at time of submission.
  • Round 1 Qualifiers. 16 points. 1 point for each correct selection of group winner/runner up.
  • Round of 16 winners. 16 points. 2 points for each correct selection.
  • Quarter-Final Winners. 12 points. 3 points for each correct selection.
  • Semi-Final Winners. 8 points. 4 points for each correct selection.
  • 3rd Place game Winner. 5 points for correct selection.
  • Champion. 10 points for correct selection.
  • Tie-Breaker. Total goals scored in the tournament. Must be completed at the time of submission.
A tied game decided by penalties in the knockout phase will add 1 goal to tournament total.
There are 115 total points possible (Round Robin and Knockout stages combined). You do not have to predict game scores; all you need to select are the winners.
Good Luck to all entrants!

Pool Standings

Below is a list of the current Standings. Click on the heading to sort by the column.
RR - Round Robin Points
R2Q - Round 2 qualifier points
R2W - Round 2 winning points
QFW - Quarter final winning points
SFW - Semi final winning points
TP - Third place points
CH - Champion points